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USA Prime 10u Fall Baseball Information

Season begins September 2021!

We had a ton of success with our Friday Night Lights at Royal Oak Memorial Park and we expect the same for 2021.    If you're planning ahead, you can count on double headers every Friday night at Memorial Park for a double header versus USA Prime 10u.  

We play by special rules to use Fall Baseball for what it is meant to be... repetitions and development.  If you don't like the rules, we suggest you don't commit.

The Rules
1.  A team plays defensive until they get 3 outs or face 6 batters.
2.  If you get to the 6th batter, there is no walks.   If a "ball" is thrown after the 3 ball count, the count returns to 0-0.
3.  No line up cards are exchanged.
4.  Bring whoever you want as long as they are at the 2022 age level or even the 2021 age level.
5.  Each team provides two baseballs.
6.  Each team splits the umpire fees.
7.  Field rental fees are also shared.

For more information or a spot to join us, please email us at or call 248-930-0388



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